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I invite you all to discover health and wellness in a way you’ve never experienced before. On my blog, you’ll find tips, tutorials and articles that will cover any topic such as male enhancement food supplements to increase libido. Go ahead and ask me whatever is on your mind—I'm here for you.


Why Natural Food Supplements?

Natural food supplements are made up of active ingredients derived from plants, fruits, and other plants. As a result, they are derived from natural elements rather than being synthesized in a laboratory from chemical molecules.

Our diet frequently lacks vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids... There are several explanations for this, the most important of which is a lack of organic food consumption. The quality of our food has also deteriorated over time, owing in part to intensive agriculture and food refining. Finally, certain substances, such as tobacco, alcohol, or certain medications, can interfere with vitamin and mineral absorption. Dietary supplements can help you supplement your diet and provide your body with all of the nutrients it requires to stay healthy. Deficiencies can have varying degrees of impact on the body, including hair loss, fatigue, skin and nail problems, depression, cardiovascular problems, impotence, and so on.

Natural food supplements have the advantage of being made from active plant ingredients. However, in order for nutrients to be absorbed optimally by the body, they must collaborate with a number of co-factors that are naturally present in natural food supplements.
Synthetic food supplements cannot replicate this complex process. As a result, you can use this risk-free and effective supplement to improve your overall body functioning and health.

About Me.

My name is Christiana, and I am the mother of two wonderful children. My firstborn is a girl, and my second child is a boy. I am an educator. I'm also a part-time artist and graphic designer.

I was born and raised in Rodrigues. I came from a nuclear family and I have four siblings of which three elder brothers and one sister. I came from a relatively modest family and my father was the chief person to provide for us. Even though he had a full-time job, my father was also cultivating the soil, producing crops, and raising livestock, and my mother would assist him. But it's awkwardly regrettable that he couldn't make the most of it because he was a drunkard. His addiction had a financial and emotional impact on the entire family. To be honest, I don't consider my family to be normal. The seemingly never-ending fights and disagreements, and the hostile atmosphere that pervades the house has had an impact on me, and I must admit that my childhood was rather traumatic. My mother used to lecture me on the importance of education. She would tell me how difficult it is for women who rely on their husbands. She was a living example, an epitome of those unfortunate women to me, and I was well aware of how abusive a man can be when he is the only one bringing money home. As a result, even at a young age, I realized that education was the key to success.

At the primary level, I did pretty well. I didn't have a bad grade. I was fairly diligent and loved the majority of my teachers, except the fifth-grade teacher. He was tough, frigid, and strict. He would reprimand us for even the smallest errors, so I made myself learn out of fear. He made me feel oppressed, and I had a hidden wish that he would be fired. I gravitated toward powerful folks in high school. I was enthralled by how highly regarded they were in society and how reverently others spoke to them. Thus, they served as my inspirations. My incentive to work hard in school has been my desire to succeed, and most of the time, my teachers have described me as "a promising student." I must admit that I went through a rebellious phase as a teenager, but I was still able to maintain my performance. I had a fairly high grade in science, for a variety of reasons.

That's probably because I enjoy trying new things. I find that watching and trying new things is how I learn best. It gives me the means to relate to the topic. I enjoy intellectually challenging themes, those that tease my mind and get my thinking going. My learning process at school has also benefited from peer tutoring and group discussions, and when I was given a task to complete, like a class presentation, it piqued my interest even more.

I attended the university after high school to get a degree in biology. I did not enjoy lectures so much. My attention has already wandered after 20 minutes of lectures. In the end, I have to review my notes and turn to YouTube movies and animations to understand some ideas.

I returned home after receiving my degree and was jobless for over a year before hearing an advertisement on the radio for the position of educator. I applied for the position and got the job. My goals have since shifted. I want to quit my full-time work and start a profitable online business. I want to be my own boss and make a living doing what I truly enjoy. Through my websites, I hope to spread my love of health and wellbeing. I enjoy writing health-related articles and am happy to share my expertise with you.



Post Graduate Certificate in Education

I applied for a job in the education sector after earning my university degree in 2015, and I was hired. In order to gain knowledge in the sector and increase my productivity at work, I enrolled for a PGCE program. 2019 marked my graduation.


BSc(Hons) Biology
University Of Mauritius

In 2011, I enrolled at the University of Mauritius to pursue a degree in biology. I've covered modules on immunology, microbiology and parasitology, immunity, functional foods and nutraceuticals, human physiology, biochemistry, research methodologies and skills, and more. I finished my studies in 2014, and I received my bachelor's in biology with honors in 2015.

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